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HEC Hybrid Halters

When only The best will do

HEC proudly designed this patented Hybrid Halter®, boasting a decade of expertise in tailoring this innovative design to horses of diverse breeds and disciplines. This unique halter is the result of their relentless innovation, meticulous engineering, and unwavering commitment to horses. We think it is impossible to find a halter that is better made and more functional! Featuring a freely moving sliding ring for lunging and noseband knots for enhanced control, the Hybrid Halter® embodies the perfect blend of form and function for discerning horsemen and horsewomen alike.

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Leather lariat halter hybridLeather (and now in Nylon also) Lariat Hybrid Halter
Hybrid Classic Nylon HalterHybrid Classic Nylon Halter
Hybrid Classic Nylon Halter Sale price$140.00
Black or Tan 8 foot leadBlack or Tan 8 foot lead
Black or Tan 8 foot lead Sale price$45.00