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eBoots Kristal AeroMagneto (Stable and Travel)

Sale price$349.95

🧲Technology meets the everyday life, eBoots Kristal AeroMagneto and AeroMagneto from eQuick🧲

Nano technologies and magnets together for the health of your horse.

Stable and transport boots with magneto therapy, equipped with N35 neodymium magnets and Kristal material.

A practical solution for protecting and supporting horse's legs while stabled and during transport. Perfectly shaped to prevent sliding off, with extra lower protection. The fit is superb!

Ventilation holes create effective air circulation. eQuick kristal stable boots aero-magneto are comfortable and made in Italy with quality materials, a well known and appreciated product by riders who wants the best for their horses.The magnetic field stimulates blood circulation, heals and reduce swelling and inflammation. As consequence the magneto therapy also speeds up the regenerative processes and elimination of toxins.

Available for front and hind legs, from size S to XL

Machine washable at 30°C

⭐️And something extra special inside…⭐️
Kristal, an anti inflammatory material treated with nano particles, an effective and non-invasive system to treat the diseases (also chronic diseases) of your horse. The nano particles have a direct action on the phospholipid membrane of the treated part. They are also ideal for wrapping the limbs of horses that present with traumatic stress pathologies, for example in chronic desmopathies of the suspensory ligament, annular ligament syndrome and in the tendinopathies of the superficial flexor.
FACT… In all the cases studied and treated by veterinarians, there was a reduction of edema and pain on
palpation of the affected tissues.

eBoots Kristal AeroMagneto stable boots has also has the property to improve the drainage capacity of inflamed tissues and consequently to promote their healing.

Internal pads are made with external eKristal med material and padding in anti-allergic and anti-bacterial wadding. Soft and easily adaptable to the legs of the horse.

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eBoots Kristal AeroMagneto (Stable and Travel)
eBoots Kristal AeroMagneto (Stable and Travel) Sale price$349.95