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Hybrid Classic Nylon Halter

Sale price$140.00

Our best selling style! The Classic is a direct combination of a nylon halter and a rope halter, with a sliding ring for lungeing and noseband knots for control. Besides giving you a better response than any other halter, it also eliminates head twisting, knot tying hassles and stripped buckle holes while being safe for travelling and crosstying. Not just a training halter, the Hybrid replaces any day-to-day halter you are currently using.

This particular style features:
  • Solid brass hardware - never-rust guarantee
  • Premium rope under carriage for enhanced strength, control and durability
  • Premium nylon that won’t stiffen with exposure to the elements
Size Charts
Hybrid Classic Nylon Halter
Hybrid Classic Nylon Halter Sale price$140.00